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NyB Cigars is proud to announce the International launch of FURIA CIGARS, a new brand from dh Boutique Cigars.

Confidentially tested in several markets, FURIA CIGARS has been warmly welcomed by demanding aficionados

Standing as a tribute to the myth of the FURIES of the underworld, FURIA CIGARS is a vibrant personification of Morality, Purity, Beauty, Character, Strength, Fierceness, Madness, and Harmony of Life.

With an original use of materials, colours, and of course the blend; FURIA CIGARS symbolically echoes the power of the Furies - Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone.

Innovative and unlike a classic band, the wool yarn suggests the bond that links two connected things. Like for the Furies, justice and madness are only separated by a very thin line. For us, this bond is symbolic of our relationship with our partners, aficionados, retailers and distributors. May Mr Sandro Stroili be recognised here for the depth of the thought and the creativity of this delightful idea!

Wise, obscure, pastel and symbolic, FURIA CIGARS colours represent the creativity and darkness of the twilight (blue), the beauty and destruction of Pompeii (red), and the sharpness and fragrance of the saffron (orange).

Finally – and this is probably of uttermost importance for the genuine aficionado - the blend tends to expresses this intense and difficult balance between strength, aromas, and taste.

With an international blend of leaves, FURIA CIGARS reveals a deep personality with notable aromatic richness and well-rounded character. FURIA CIGARS has a dense and accomplished strength. Taste and aromas certainly surprise the palate with their forward personality of richness and balance. With a strong nature, the tasting reveals a biting and captivating character. As suggested by the brand atmosphere and symbols, the cigar’s nature is clear and solid but always controlled and noble. FURIA is stout and deep.

The FURIA CIGARS aficionado is of robust temperament and a more confrontational taster but with an incorruptible and sophisticated palate. Besides recognising the diversity and intensity of the aromas, FURIA CIGARS are for those who can distinguish constructive provocation from fallacious incitation.

FURIA CIGARS is not just about being different: it is being different because of depth and uprightness.

FURIA CIGARS are available in 3 sizes and in boxes of 10 vitolas:

Alecto (Twilight Blue) – 4 ½ x 56

Megaera (Pompeii Red) – 5 ½ x 54

Tisiphone (Saffron Orange) – 6 ½ x 58


  • Strenght: #7 to 7½ Fortaleza – Medium to full body.

  • Blend: International blend with leaves harvested in Nicaragua and in a second enigmatic country. Showing a nice Habano oscuro (sp.) colour, the wrapper comes from Jalapa valley while binder and fillers are harvested mainly in Esteli, Condega and Omotepe regions. An enigmatic viso leaf grown outside Nicaragua brings a distinctive personality to the tastes and aromas.

  • Leaves Ages: Moderately aged leaves from 3 to 6 years.

  • Aromas & Taste: A personality off the beaten track. Notable aromatic richness and a well-rounded character. Taste and aromas show surprising richness and balance with a forward personality.

  • Progression: Good balance maintained over an exciting and savoury cigar evolution. A way forward to robustness.

  • Combustion: Easy and complete.

  • Ashes: Solid, compact and white.

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