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Rich, complex and strong, yet subtle and elegant. Complex aromatic scents and finesse deliver an exquisite combination of character and balance. Controlled strength, elegant sweetness, sometimes metallic tastes, and distinct progression are the signature of the refined character of LA LEY. The aromas and tastes seem somehow familiar, reminiscent of something already known, of something from the past.

Strength: #6½ to #7 fortaleza – Medium to full body cigar.

Blend: An international blend of leaves harvested in 4 countries. The wrapper is a typical rosado habano (sp.) harvested in the exquisite vegas of Ecuador, while the binder is from Esteli Nicaragua. Filler leaves are grown in Nicaragua, Honduras and an enigmatic fourth country.

Leaves Ages: Moderately aged leaves from 3 to 6 ½ years (aged 2 additional years than standard leaves).

Aromas & Taste: Notable richness and well-rounded character. Rare elegance and finesse with balanced notes of metallic sweetness.

Progression: Enjoyable evolution in strength and aromatic richness; and consistently balanced.

Combustion: Easy and complete.

Ashes: Solid, compact and white.

Typical LA LEY aficionados are those who openly appreciate authentic Cuban aromaticity and who are in search of aromatic finesse and quality. It will appeal to those experienced enough to recognise these in a blind tasting. LA LEY also addresses younger tasters in a search for newer, richer and more elegant aromatic diversity.

Every palate is different. Cigars with a pure Nicaraguan touch are great but might not bring enjoyment to some of the aficionados that prefer the historical Cuban feel, which is too rare to find these days. Many Habanos do not deliver the level of satisfaction that resembles the ones that crafted their history and legend. And those remembering these cigars wonder in search of these sensations. LA LEY is made for them, as well as for those who want to embark on a journey to discover new as well as old aromatic treasures.

We have been searching for a blend that expresses richness and balance at the same time as having character and moderate strength; all this with delicacy. This last trait being largely shaped by the effect of time, this is probably the main attribute of extraordinary cigars.

An Old Cuban Brand (1870s), LA LEY is born from a passion for aging. 

Like many precious and aged vintage cigars, the taste reflects the experience of time. It has benefited from 4 years of fantastic blending, exciting research, a few eye-opening errors and impressive improvements, all leading to one great result: The LA LEY blend has a signature of finesse, depth, quality, and personality, and is ready both for tasting and aging. 

La Ley is la ley (La Ley is the Law). 

Tasting LA LEY cigars will thrust the aficionado into the fantastic world of cigar tradition and the elegance of aging. Sophisticated and experienced vintage tasters will recognise a feeling of ‘déjà vu’.

Box of 21 and 14 / Vertical presentation / Cylindrical body / No individual cellophane / 3 vitolas





Short strong balanced smoke, the La Ley Mareva delivers its interesting tasting dynamic right after lighting, quickly offering delicate aromas and taste but always with an appreciable balance. The progression is there, naturally limited and directly linked to the aficionado tasting profile. The LA LEY Mareva is typically a cigar that needs to be unrushed to reach its optimum delivery.




A thick Robusto – 54 ring gauge – that offers a quiet tasting, delivered through balance and richness. LA LEY Robusto reveals a depth of several layers. The aficionado will decide - or not - to discover this double depth. On one hand the aficionado can relax and taste without too much thought, allowing the moment to be controlled by the natural expression of the cigar, without any fuss. On the other hand, if the taster’s wishes are to challenge the cigar and themselves with a more sophisticated tasting experience, this is also possible. Then the cigar will deliver an explosion of aromas and a surprising depth in tasting.


(6 1/8 x 52)


Even though old-fashioned, this traditional size is a must in every humidor. The combination of diameter and length is optimal for the delivery of the LA LEY blend. Along the body of the cigar, the tasting will evolve to conquer the aficionado’s taste buds in a rich and subtle manner. The noble tastes and aromas will bring tasters into a delightful journey of discovery and gradual enjoyment.

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