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A rustic and authentic taste that summons up “terruños de Nicaragua”, the Nicaraguan soils. The brand’s complexity is deep and straightforward rather than super rich but the cigar’s spiciness is exciting and balanced. NICARAO CLÁSICO is unpretentious but definitely satisfying, and not overwhelming on the palate. The limited strength allows a gentle progression of flavour and aroma throughout the tasting of the cigar. 

Strength:#6 to #6½ fortaleza - Medium body cigar.

Blend: Nicaraguan puro (wrapper, binder and filler) with habano (sp.) wrapper from Jalapa.

Leaves Ages: Market standard leaves from 1 ½ to 4 ½ years old.

Aromas & Taste: Flowery, mineral and deliciously spicy. Dense and straightforward.

Progression: Pleasant and steady evolution to robustness.

Combustion: Easy and complete.

Ashes: Solid, compact and white.

NICARAO CLÁSICO aficionado is looking for a straightforward yet enjoyable experience at an affordable price. Unpretentious and natural.

Created in 2001-2002, NICARAO CLÁSICO is blended to reflect the heart of Nicaragua; at a time when Nicaragua was unknown in the cigar world. 


NICARAO CLÁSICO has been inspired by the authenticity and the pride of the country: a meaningful name (Nicarao is ‘the native founder’ of Nicaragua), genuine colours (deep dark green), a volcanic look (the heart of Nica soils); and a very distinctive blend of purely Nicaraguan leaves. 


While tasting NICARAO CLÁSICO, sensitive aficionados might feel as if the soil is under their feet, the leaves brushing their arms, and the sun beating down on their foreheads. 100% Nica. This is Nicaragua..

Boxes of 20 cigars / Horizontal presentation / Cylindrical body / Individual cellophane / 6 vitolas



5 x 42


A traditional Mareva or No. 4., NICARAO CLÁSICO Anno VI Minuto is the perfect mix of a short-to-medium tasting time with a limited diameter. The NICARAO CLÁSICO Minuto always delivers satisfaction and happiness to tasters.


4 ½ x 46


With a cepo of 46, the NICARAO CLÁSICO Anno VI Juanito - a smaller version of the Pirámide - is eminently attractive. Despite its short length, the large ring gauge gives NICARAO CLÁSICO Juanito all the respectability of a large vitola with shorter tasting time. The Juanito is cherished by torpedo lovers.


4 1/8 x 50


It has the same ring gauge as a classic Robusto. With a shorter length but proper diameter, the NICARAO CLÁSICO Gordito offers genuine aromatic satisfaction within a shorter tasting time.


5 x 52


The Robusto is unquestionably the favourite of NICARAO CLÁSICO aficionados. Its length blends perfectly to its diameter to create a well-balanced cigar. The right proportion and volume of this vitola make the Robusto the most popular cigar size. The NICARAO CLASSICO Robusto allows for perfect quality and consistency.


6 x 52


By controlling the position of the cut, the Pirámide shape offers enthusiasts the opportunity to regulate tasting, giving extra depth to the aromatic experience. The Pirámide vitola is probably among experienced connoisseurs’ favourites.


7 x 50


Providing satisfaction to the lovers of evolution in a cigar, the NICARAO CLÁSICO Julieta offers longer enjoyment. The dual diameter/length of this vitola produces interesting aromatic profiles and a surprisingly satisfying evolution.  


Medium to full body cigars, tasting NICARAO ESPECIAL involves a combination of tastes and aromas. The aromatic spectrum is powerful and yet subtle and diverse. Diversity and intensity evolve throughout the tasting. NICARAO ESPECIAL delivers character, balance, and richness.

Strength: #6½ to #7 fortaleza – Medium body cigar.

Blend: Nicaraguan puro (wrapper, binder and filler) with habano (sp.) wrapper slightly oscuro from Jalapa. Selected from the best parcels, leaves are classified with higher precision and aged an additional year.

Leaves Ages: Moderately aged leaves from 3 to 6 years (one and a half to two extra years of aging than standard market leaves)

Aromas & Taste: Aromatic depth and well-rounded richness. Woody, spicy and toasty.

Progression: Subtle and marked evolution.

Combustion: Easy and complete.

Ashes: Solid, compact and white.

A classic for sophisticated aficionados looking for a dynamic experience of aromatic richness, both in diversity and intensity. With its controlled strength, NICARAO ESPECIAL is suitable for all palates but will clearly impress a more discerning palate able to recognise richness and balance.

Created in 2007, NICARAO ESPECIAL is blended to demonstrate the impact that three apparently small improvements can have on the final cigar tasting. NICARAO ESPECIAL is the result of (1)  better quality leaf selection in the field , (2) a much finer leaf classification and (3) one extra year of leaf aging. This creates a significant influence on both the blend and the flavour on the palate.

(This was presented and declared Best Cigar at the Cigar Underground Festival in 2008.)

Boxes of 21 or 14 cigars / Vertical presentation / Cylindrical body / Individual cellophane / 6 vitolas



5 ½ x 48 (140x19.05)


Hermoso is medium size, but nevertheless offers the advantage of good length coupled with nice intermediate diameter sufficient enough to develop beautifully rounded aromas.


4 ½ x 54 (114x21.43)


NICARAO ESPECIAL Torito is a small thick Robusto ... or just a small Toro; a Torito! With a volume almost identical to the classic Robusto, this cigar offers enthusiasts a shorter, more intense tasting. A perfect serious cigar for an aficionado who is short on time.


5 x 54 (127x21.43)


As its name suggests the NICARAO ESPECIAL Petit Salomon is a small figurado. It offers a perfect tasting experience, is well presented and expresses a special palette of tastes and aromas.


6 x 52 (152x20.64)


This was the first of the NICARAO ESPECIAL line. The Toro was the first NICARAO ESPECIAL to be created. Slightly larger and longer than a classic Robusto, the Toro delivers a deeper and more intense tasting and a longer progression. The Toro is the perfect vitola for NICARAO ESPECIAL aficionados.


5 x 56 (127x22.23)


The Gordo is a large Robusto. In keeping with the trend of larger sizes, the challenge of NICARAO ESPECIAL Gordo was to find the right ‘big’ ring gauge for a given length, and at the same time stay committed to the particular characteristics of our distinctive NICARAO ESPECIAL blend: richness, taste, strength, elegance and consistency. 


5 ½ x 58 (140x23.02)


With 50% more leaves than a classic Robusto, the NICARAO ESPECIAL Doble Toro is among the most popular big size cigars currently in vogue.  The combination of diameter and length of this vitola creates a real explosion of aromas and tastes. It can also develop into a long and spectacular tasting progression.   


The NICARAO EXCLUSIVO surprises with its intense combination of richness and aromatic diversity, as well as with its precision. Tasting NICARAO EXCLUSIVO in optimal conditions is guaranteed to deliver a sublime experience. 

NICARAO EXCLUSIVO is a cigar that needs time to be understood. The aficionado should recognise this and adapt to it in order to allow it deliver and to enjoy its full aromatic potential.

Strength: #7 to #7½ fortaleza – Medium to full body cigar.

Blend: Nicaraguan puro (wrapper, binder and filler) blended with aged leaves. Natural maduro habano (sp.) wrapper low-fermented for around 24 months and later aged for minimum 2 years.

Leaves Ages: Certified aged leaves of minimum 6 years including a 9 year old ligero.

Aromas & Taste: Aromatic explosion of sweetness and silkiness. Leathery, spicy, toasty, coffee, sweet, and chocolate scents.

Progression: Rare evolution among aromatic profiles.

Combustion: Easy and complete.

Ashes: Compact and white/grey.

Experienced and sophisticated tasters willing to understand the cigar and to adapt to have it deliver its finest and most sophisticated aromas and tastes. Tasters that start to enjoy an aged aromatic palette.

NICARAO EXCLUSIVO was created in 2008 to stretch the limits of our cigar production and create and blend a cigar as a response to the classic, retrospective market. 


Didier Houvenaghel: “I wanted to create a Cigar Haute Couture; and it has become one of the most appreciated Maduro cigars on the market”. 


The two specificities of the Exclusivo are (1) a unique natural Maduro wrapper fermented for 24 months (where the market standard for a Maduro cigar is about 7 to 9 months), and (2) a blend with aged leaves, with the youngest leaves being 6 years old (where the market standard for this cigar has leaves from 1, 5 to 4, 5 years old). The slow, long fermentation and aging process has the same effect on tasting that eating slow cooked meat does on the taste buds. The leaves of the blend have a minimum of 6 years of production processes, including the ligero leaves, which are aged for a minimum of 9 years.


Interestingly this is a young cigar done with aged leaves. It is a sophisticated cigar for experienced tasters: unforgiving when inaccurately treated but, when not, delivering extraordinary richness and finesse. 

Boxes of 20 and 10 / Vertical presentation / Cylindrical body / No individual cellophane / Double layer onion paper wrapping the bundle in envelope shape / 6 vitolas



 127mm x 21,43mm (5 x 54)


Production quota: 100 cigars / day. Looking like a small Salomón, the Romeo Exclusivo is a miniature figurado with a 54 ring gauge. This gives it a respectable and intriguing diameter, developing into an exciting blend expression. This lends this medium sized cigar a special originality. The NICARAO EXCLUSIVO Romeo has become a favourite of many figurado lovers.


127mm x 19,84mm (5 x 50)


Production quota: 200 cigars / day. The last creation in the NICARAO EXCLUSIVO family, the E4 is the perfect balance between the unique individuality of the Exclusivo blend and the classicism of the typical Robusto size.  


140mm x 23,02mm (5 1/2 x 58)


Production quota: 150 cigars / day. A thick and long Robusto, the Robusto Extra Exclusivo offers 2 distinct advantages: (1) its cepo allows the development of a rich blend with the diversity of leaves permitted by the diameter; (2) its length permits a pleasant aromatic evolution during tasting. This Robusto is the perfect choice when one wants to taste a cigar with an enjoyable rich and progressive aromatic profile.


178mm x 21,43mm (7 x 54)


Production quota: 150 cigars / day. This cigar should be treated with respect. NICARAO EXCLUSIVO Don Rafa is majestic not only for its technical size but also for the quality and the quantity of the leaves in the blend. It quickly became one of the most acclaimed cigars of the NICARAO EXCLUSIVO line. (Don Rafa is the name of a very special person from the fields of San Luis Cuba; a man in a league of his own.) This cigar is precious and should therefore be cherished.


178mm x 21,43mm (7 x 54)


Production quota: 150 cigars / day. The only difference from the Don Rafa is the pointed head. But when you compare the two, you can quickly realise the influence of the cigar’s conical end on the taste dynamic. Cutting it short or wide will reveal two different cigars.  


181mm x 23,02mm (7 1/8 x 58)


Production quota: 65 cigars / day. The NICARAO EXCLUSIVO Salomón is a cigar of excellence. A wonderful cigar, the Salomon is challenging to roll and to maintain a consistent blend. This splendid figurado is only rolled by the very best rollers. It definitely inspires respect before and during the tasting.   


234mm x 21,83mm (9 1/5 x 55)


Production quota: 35 cigars / day. The NICARAO EXCLUSIVO Diadema takes one’s breath away. This vitola has twice as many leaves as a classic Robusto cigar .This is an extraordinary cigar, with multiple aromas, great strength, fantastic evolution, and perfect burning. If perfection exists in cigars, this is it.

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