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FURIA demonstrates a solid personality with notable aromatic richness and an accomplished character, with strength and density.

Straightforward tastes and aromas surprise the taster’s palate with an intense richness. FURIA’s strong nature reveals a captivating character. As indirectly suggested by its environment, the cigar strength is there but is always controlled. FURIA is surprisingly stout and deep

Strength: #7 to 7½ Fortaleza – Medium to full body.

Blend: International blend with leaves harvested in Nicaragua and in a second enigmatic country. Showing a nice habano oscuro (sp.) colour, the wrapper comes from Jalapa valley while binder and fillers are harvested mainly in Esteli, Condega and Omotepe regions. An enigmatic viso leaf grown outside Nicaragua brings a distinctive personality to the tastes and aromas.

Leaves Ages: Moderately aged leaves from 3 to 6 years.

Aromas & Taste: A personality off the beaten track. Notable aromatic richness and a well-rounded character. Taste and aromas show surprising richness and balance with a forward personality.

Progression: Good balance maintained over an exciting and savoury cigar evolution. A way forward to robustness.

Combustion: Easy and complete.

Ashes: Solid, compact and white.

The FURIA cigars aficionado is the stronger personality and more confrontational taster, but with a sophisticated palate. Besides recognising the diversity and intensity of the aromas, FURIA cigars are for those who can distinguish constructive provocation from fallacious incitation. It is not just about being different: it is being different because of depth and uprightness. 

Migrating from a previous brand, FURIA was produced as a rebranding exercise.

We wanted the new brand to convey a fascinating message about life; a complex and captivating mix of Love and Hatred, Beauty and Ugliness, Attraction and Aversion, Harmony and Terror. 

Punishers of oath-breakers, avengers of the angry dead, and enforcers of the proper order of things, Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone, the three FURIA sisters appear from the Underworld to inflict torment and guilt on those who deserve it.

Personalised in 3 blends that express enjoyment, richness, strength and balance, FURIA cigars express an eminent feeling of calm and pleasure, unless the taster carelessly breaks the order of things or values. And then, following the ardour and beauty of nature, the tasting of FURIA cigars echoes a captivating world of the Goddesses of Retribution, a strong yet impartial and equitable justice to the efforts put into the creation and conservation of the cigar. 

“We claim to be just and upright. No wrath from us will come stealthily to the one who holds out clean hands, and he will go through life unharmed; but whoever sins and hides his blood-stained hands, as avengers of bloodshed we appear against him to the end, presenting ourselves as upright witnesses for the dead”.

The Oresteia (trilogy of plays), Aeschylus (c. 525-456 BCE)

Boxes of 10 cigars presented vertically / No individual cellophane / Single layer onion paper wrapping the bundle and closed with a FURIA sticker / 3 vitolas



(Twilight Blue)

 4 ½ x 56


The endless / This perfectly built cigar is the embodiment of an endless exaltation of flavours. Its quick burn produces aromas straight away with a warm spice and yet is so rounded that when you bow to it and draw its plentiful smoke, you seek forgiveness to this determined Fury.


(Pompeii Red)

 5 ½ x 54

The jealous rage / Should there be a cigar forged in the depth of an aficionado inferno, then Magaera would be the classic standard of any tobacco lover who seeks a smoke which comes on demand and builds up with rage the more you puff away your sins. This is a cigar not to trifle with... Be true to its construction and it might show some clemency. This Fury will leave you marked and you will come back for more.


(Saffron Orange)

 6 ½ x 58

The vengeful destruction / Here is the one Fury who carries its title like a glove... a glove of fire. The vengeful destruction will come to you if you do not respect the imposing structure of this magnificent cigar. It takes a connoisseur’s palate to recognise its imposing Fury. Its beauty is not only in its construction but also in the wonderful way the aromas build up through the smoke. Like a supper for gourmands, this cigar will mesmerise you with its ever changing taste profile. The struggle will be real if you do not pay attention and let it over take you... vengeance will ensue.

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