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NICARAO ESPECIAL excitingly unveils more luxury and refined garments; to highlight a blend upgrade. A bright packaging that marks a liga improvement and one step further towards nobility!

With the desire to advance always toward excellence, NICARAO ESPECIAL cigars uplift their content and their form. NICARAO ESPECIAL’s new vibrant atmosphere proudly delivers nobler blend and more distinguished lines. The blend is improved with more advanced production processes and the packaging now wears accomplished materials.

The Nicarao Especial Blend

NICARAO ESPECIAL cigars were blended to illustrate the essential importance of little steps of the cigar making process. All along the process, some apparently minor procedures are in fact essential to produce with quality.

Three main areas were highlighted, improved, and introduced as a quality standard for NICARAO ESPECIAL. Today they have been revisited and upgraded:

Better selection in the field: in a field, soil parcels might not be equal in quality. Even when the geological characteristics are unique, some lots can still show relative fertilities. Over time, those deviations are due to elements like geological events, micro-climatic specificities, vegetal populations or even human activity. In wine culture, it is obvious. Some vineyards can have one superior appellation while the neighbor – 100 meters across the street – cannot. This surprising difference is sometimes justified by the soil characteristics.

  • NICARAO ESPECIAL leaves are selected from specific plots of our fields; taking into account the microclimatic differences and other local specificities. This really improves the final richeness of the cigar blend.

Finer leaves classification: a key element to a perfect leaves fermentation is a consistent and precise classification. With accurate and uniform categories, subsequent fermentations will be better adapted and applied to the groups of leaves. The smaller the deviation between minimum and maximum of a class, the better the precision of subsequent treatments like fermentation.

  • With finer categories, NICARAO ESPECIAL leaves receive the optimal fermentation levels; making the final cigar blends both more refined in aromas and consistent over time.

Longer leaves aging: good classic cigars on the market have leaves ages from 1 ½ to 4 ½ years old (between harvest and rolling). Indeed, every leaf of a blend – when well balanced – has to be diverse in terms of physical properties and chemical content; thus in age and position on the plant.

  • One additional year of leaves aging makes NICARAO ESPECIAL moderately aged cigars. In the tasting it insures a very stable balance of the cigar blend.

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