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NyB Cigars launches a new DH Boutique Cigar.

Didier Houvenaghel has been working for several years on a new brand to complement LA LEY and NICARAO

LA PREFERIDA is one of his exciting projects to date.

With innovative use of colours, symbols and blend, LA PREFERIDA cigars echo the pure image of Femininity, Beauty, Character and Life.

Creating the brand -

LA PREFERIDA is an old Cuban brand created circa 1880, it has been blended with the intention to honour women and among them – the ‘preferred’. A true tribute to womanliness, the blend honours and expresses the fantastic with a mix of sweetness and strength, subtlety and character.

The combination of blue and white also gives a special atmosphere and depth as it symbolizes, in the Caribbean region the mother of all living things as well as the owner of the seas and oceans.

Also white symbols can be recognized on the LA PREFERIDA bands and vistas: the white roses symbolise purity and innocence, as well as confidentiality and fidelity; the white fans represent elegance and mystery. In the bottom of the vista, golden symbols can be observed: the shining star represents liberty and the bundle of wheat symbolises prosperity.

For its launch, LA PREFERIDA will be available in the 2 sizes: Boxes of 16

  • ‘452’ – 4 x 52 – Rounded / An enjoyable small Robusto giving an intense yet very subtle taste with an intense diversity of new aromas.

  • ‘552’ – 5 x 52 – Rounded / A classic Robusto that expresses sweetness and character with a medium to full strength aromas.

The Blend: A blend of leaves harvested in 4 countries. The wrapper is a typical habano (sp.)colorado from Ecuador, binder is from Mexico and the filler is from both Nicaragua and Honduras.

Beginner or advanced aficionado, the La Preferida taster is one that enjoys the combination of sweetness and character and is not afraid to enjoy new and completely different notes alongside existing and recognized aromas

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