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Blended in 2014 and 2015, these Reserva Editions are now available for tasting.

After 2 to 3 years of aging as leaves and one year of aging as cigars, LA LEY RESERVA 2015 and NICARAO ESPECIAL RESERVA 2014 are believed to be in the most ideal condition to enter aficionados humidors.

NyB Cigars is proud to have developed the concept of fixing a blend, then aging that cigar for ‘some’ time until they are considered to have benefited from time and aging.

When asked about the reason of such a development, Didier Houvenaghel comments:

‘I created the concept of Reserva in order to respond to my increasing enthusiasm for aging cigars. It is a real passion, inside a passion. It is amazing to see how certain cigars gain quality with time and sometimes the phenomenon can be tasted after a few years only. A cigar – at birth – that will show aging potential and that will be conserved optimally will change its aromatic profile and show new families of aromas; developing finesse over time. I love aged cigars myself and wanted to share this with our aficionados.’

NyB Cigars now releases two RESERVA editions:

LA LEY RESERVA 2015 (boxes of 21)

• Exquisitos – 4 7/8 x 48 – Rounded – Limited to 250 numbered boxes only

• Laguito 6 – 6 ½ x 56 – Rounded – Limited to 500 numbered boxes only


• Robusto – 5 x 52 – Rounded – Limited to 350 numbered boxes only

To increase the exclusivity of the concept, NyB Cigars is launching these new cigars in a numbered amount of boxes.

RESERVAS are indeed limited in production and produced only once. This exercise is to highlight over time the importance and interest to age and taste cigars, which will eventually become fine and rare.


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