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Three unique vitolas are presented in individual wooden boxes; a 2014 limited edition of Robusto Extra, Salomon and Diadema in unique numbered boxes !

Crafted in exquisite cedar wood, Nicarao Cajitas Exclusivas 2014 are attractive and elegant individual cigar boxes; gorgeous and perfect to achieve the best cigar protection.

Every numbered box contains 9 beautiful cajitas presented in 3 layers of 3 and is strictly a 2014 limited production. Enter in a new dimension of Nicarao Exclusivo cigars. Enjoy Nicarao Cajita Exclusiva 2014 and be fuelled by the passion!

Following the purest tradition of premium cigar making, Nicarao Cajita Exclusiva 2014 is made of aged and exclusive tobacco leaves. The fine craftsmanship of these unique cigars delivers the very best of the Nicarao Exclusivo experience!

The acclaimed Robusto Extra, Salomon and Diadema Exclusivo were the 3 Nicarao Exclusivo vitolas selected for these really special boxes.

Presented in individual and numbered « Cajitas » of cedar wood, these cigars will deliver the best of their favours and express a unique fusion of character and balance. Beyond the beautiful presentation, the sin- gle box is ideal to maximize the quality of cigar conservation.

Exquisite and accomplished, the Nicarao Exclusivo blend is born from ardent passion, devoted expertise and the highest quality control. Nicarao Exclusivo is the fruit of virtuosity in cigar creation, a truly exceptional cigar!

These unique Limited Edition cigars are only available in numbered boxes.

  • Cajita Exclusiva 2014 Robusto Extra (5 1/2 x 58) - Limited edition of 223 numbered boxes only

  • Cajita Exclusiva 2014 Salomon (7 1/8 x 58) - Limited edition of 67 numbered boxes only

  • Cajita Exclusiva 2014 Diadema (9 1/5 x 55) - Limited edition of 67 numbered boxes only

Must try!

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